Happy minds LLC


Why Happy minds ?
Everyone has a time in their life when they feel they need an expert help for improving their mental health but they are deterred by barriers around mental health consultation, while we cannot reduce all the barriers but we have definitely minimized the barriers like accessibility and have increased the quality of care.   We have done this by using several methods of communication between doctor and patient. We respond our patients not just by conventional methods like phone and fax but using the new methods like email, fax , text and secure messaging systems.Psychiatry is  updating very fast . New and innovative methods for non-invasive brain stimulation have strong curative potential, but they require background knowledge (e.g, circuits, physics of electricity) that is foreign to most psychiatrists. Interventional psychiatry is an emerging sub-specialty that our center is using effectively to help  patients.

We are accepting new patients of all ages . Click the button above to book appointments. This feature is available for both new and follow up appointments.  

Office Address  : 1700 W. 100th ave. STE 101, Thornton, Colorado, 80260

Our Phone : 720 515 9112  

Toll free Fax : 888 958 5968

Email : ​coloradopsych@hotmail.com

Text enabled phone : 720 515 9112

Our unique features:

  • We accept patients from all ages from 5 years to 105 years.
  • We now offer Transcranial magnetic stimulation ( TMS) a proven non drug treatment for depression approved by FDA and currently covered by major insurances like Medicare, Blue cross and rocky mountain health plan.
  • One of the first private psychiatry clinic in Colorado and USA to have their own mobile app. 
  • We follow patients by all means for reminders using regular mail , mobile text message and email  since your mental health is our number one priority. 
  • ​We provide all our patients with all their treatment records by having online portable medical record (PMR) which is complimentary to our Electronic medical record ( EMR). ​
  • Our greatest strength is building close and long relations with patients to help them in every step of their life.
  • We accept all major insurances namely anthem blue cross medicare, Aetna, Compsych, United , Cigna,  and many more coming  in our network.
  • We do not accept medicaid or CIDP.